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We have plans for this site. It is going to take a while to implement them all. Here are some of the major goals:

  • Get all of Dad's publications uploaded and available.
  • Implement a Forums section, where various topics can be raised and discussed by all of us.
  • Post blog entires on a regular basis, informing of updates to the site, and any other newsworthy items.
  • Put the Hales Chronicles into a searchable database.
  • Link to an extensible photo album. We have lots of photos of some of our family line. Would like to allow others to upload theirs too if they wish.
  • Create a way to receive ideas and feedback.

We are using Orchard as our content management system. The old site (which can be accessed at did not use any formalized content management. I do not have much experience with Orchard, so it is a learning experience. Luckily my son Nathan does have experience, so I have someone to go to with questions. Hope he is patient with me!

I am still trying to settle on a style for the site (a theme, as Orchard calls it). I'm not sure I like this one, I'll keep experimenting.

I have injected Google Analytics onto each page. There is not much traffic to this site yet, but Analytics allows me to see how much and from where. The results are fascinating.

I still have a day job, so I have to work on this site as I can. So bear with us -- lots of cool things are on the way!